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Marketing Audit Template 

What's working for you. Get clear before you start planning next year

What You'll Discover:

Get clear on what has worked

Do you know what marketing activity is working well for your business. What successes have you achieved and what can you do more of next year

Understand what challenges you face

From market restrictions, changing buyer preferences and pricing issues - getting clear on the challenges you face, can give a clarity to your strategy.

Understand what resources are required

Marketing if done properly will require extra resources in terms of budget, extra support, ad spend and more - give yourself the right tools for the job

Spot opportunities

Spotting an opportunity can be very satisfying and allow your business to grow. By working through this Marketing Audit template, you can spot the signs much quicker, be more agile and adapt easier

Claire Taylor – Founder & Director - Creationz Marketing Ltd

Do you jump straight into planning your marketing activity for the year ahead without taking a few minutes to ask yourself - what has worked, what has not been as successful as we would like, what resources we do we need and what have we enjoyed? If so, Our Marketing Audit template is perfect for you to get clarity on what you actually need to do.


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